Getting started

Getting started on the Ghanalinks knowledge management portal

Anyone can use the Ghanalinks knowledge management portal. However, members are required to create accounts to access and use some resources. Membership is currently opened to USAID and its implementing partners.

Creating an account

  1. Members can create an account or sign-in using the Join/Login to Ghanalinks.

  2. If you have already created an account, sign-in using the email address used while registering. If not, click on the ‘Create account’ to create an account as shown below. Click on the ‘Forget Password’ to reset your password should you forget after you have created an account.

  3. If the text verification is not clear during registration. Click on the green symbol to refresh the text/number.

  4. Once your registration is approved and you sign-in, the page below opens. The number represents notifications received. If you do not receive the approval notification in your inbox within 24 hours during working days, please check your spam or junk email. Accept the 'Terms of Reference' to enable your Account.

  5. Click on the arrow to your name to check your account details. Use the same arrow to sign out.

  6. Edit your details, e.g. Job title (recommended) and picture (optional) under ‘Details’. ‘Organizations, Sites, User Groups and Roles’ can be viewed but not edited by the user.

  7. Click on the ‘Password’ link to reset your password from the one sent to you during the registration process to a preferred one. Do well to note the question (use the arrow to see other options) and answer chosen since these will be needed in case you forget your password.

  8. Use the ‘My Workflow Tasks’ to view pending or completed tasks as a result of role assigned to you.

  9. Click on ‘My submissions’ to view pending and completed requests.

Forget password

When you forget your password,

  1. Click on the link as shown in number two (2) above

  2. Enter your email address, text verification and follow the steps. A link will be sent to your email address. If you do not receive the link notification in your inbox, please check your spam or junk email.

  3. The link sent to your email address will display the below image. Fill out the necessary fields. If the image below does not display, and the one in number four (4) displays, click on the reset link and follow the steps. On the other hand, if the link displays the welcome page, jump to number five (5) and follow the steps.

  4. Reset password image

  5. If the welcome page displays (as shown below) after opening the link sent to the email, click on the Join/Login button and fill the required fields.

You can reach the team via the contact page should you need further assistance.

Enjoy the experience.